squad leading is over

I’m currently sitting under a pavilion in White River, South Africa. We’re staying at Manna Christian Fellowship, a church that welcomed in our entire squad for free after we realized we were up a river with no paddle and nowhere to stay at the end of month four. So we’re utilizing tents and hammocks whileContinue reading “squad leading is over”

baseball, a beggar and the body

I was still in Georgia, walking back to the car in a joy filled mood after a winning game and the traditional Friday night firework show to cap it all off. We walked slow, letting the crowd file out as to enjoy the weather of a summer’s day end; stalling in the parking lot as weContinue reading “baseball, a beggar and the body”

going back to little league

I think there always comes those points in our walk with Christ when realizations about ourselves hit us in the face like those pop-flies we didn’t see headed our way because we were too busy picking the flowers at our feet. And it hurts. That’s where I found myself the other night as I laidContinue reading “going back to little league”

you left something

It’s kinda like that bar on tv. Except it’s located somewhere around kilometer 37 an hour outside Phnom Penh in the middle of nowhere Cambodia. There’s no fancy bar stools waiting for you, but they offer blue plastic chairs that are stacked double for extra strength and tied together with rusted wires. There aren’t anyContinue reading “you left something”