squad leading is over

I’m currently sitting under a pavilion in White River, South Africa. We’re staying at Manna Christian Fellowship, a church that welcomed in our entire squad for free after we realized we were up a river with no paddle and nowhere to stay at the end of month four.

So we’re utilizing tents and hammocks while I enjoy my last five days on the field with my entire squad together; a last hoo-rah before my co-leaders and I leave them to start the next chapter of our lives.


The sun is hot and way too bright today, a typical occurrence for spring in Africa, but the breeze is just cool enough to remind me that everything is going to be alright.

And as I breathe deep and look around at the familiar faces surrounding me; I’m comforted by the simple fact that this life of travel and community and ridiculous awesomeness is not yet over for me.

Throughout the past few months, I’ve looked back on how the World Race has shaped my life since I first said “yes” in June of 2011.It makes me laugh when I think that two years later I’m still serving alongside of them as Adventures in Missions continues to be one of my biggest and most favorite of blessings.

When the thought of squad leading first popped into my head, it stemmed from a heart to see the Race improved as it continued to change and mold into the most effective process possible. It came from a heart to see better leaders developed as squads and individuals dove deeper and deeper into the depths of the only God worth serving. It came from a deep rooted passion to see the family of believers act and live as the true body of Christ, with lives changed and community lived out with the belief that we each have a role to play in the Kingdom of God

It came because I believe in the Race with everything in me.

And the love and passion I have has only grown as I’ve been back on the field watching these bold and beautiful children of God grow into who they were created to be and as I’ve watched myself grow more than I thought possible in five months.

Because basically, I have the best job ever.

I get to not only see a generation empowered to walk in freedom and find their true identity; I get to help them do it. So when month four came along and thoughts of the future were too close to be ignored any longer, I began to see the direction in which I was headed.

marina razumovsky photo

Over the past week and during the span of three days and a few Skype interviews between here and our office in Georgia the doors have been opened for me to accept a position as a Squad Experience Coordinator for the World Race.

What the heck is that?

The World Race Squad Experience Coordinator position provides logistical support for World Race squads under the direction of the Logistics Manager. They work to ensure that World Race Squads are supported logistically and administratively so that they are well positioned to move from abandonment to brokenness and dependence; a process we pray all Racers experience.

This position will allow me to support multiple squads at a time while I pour into the relationships we have with contacts around the world. It will challenge me to think outside of the box as I team up with my co-workers to ensure that the Race is always on a journey of improving and growing.

marina razumovsky photo

Because Adventures in Missions is a non-profit organization their budgetary resources will only cover a portion of my monthly income. The remainder comes from contributions of generous donors who come alongside to support me in this journey. I am currently looking for committed monthly and annual donors to be a part of my support system as I hope to raise $5000 by January with continued support in the months to follow. 

I cannot explain how overjoyed I am to walk into this new season and new job. Whether on the field or in the office, there is a love I have for this organization that allows me to wake up every day excited to play my role in it. The World Race is changing lives, generations, and nations and I am beyond humbled to be taking part in it.

I hope you will continue to support me and stay involved as I share this life I love with you.

vanessa butler photo

Wishing you the happiest and most blessed December yet.


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