look back: the thunder of month 8

stephanie may photography   Perversion. Corruption. Trickery. Lies. Immorality. Lust. Sex. Darkness. Death. It all hung in the air as I walked along the main strip of Phuket, Thailand known as Bangla Road, smiling politely as the words “no thank you” escaped from my lips and my eyes stared into the person holding a borderContinue reading “look back: the thunder of month 8”

look back: red fences and new lessons

I had always liked the color red. Never for a particular reason. It was just a good solid color, strong and feminine but not girly. It was as if it were the grown up version of pink. And I never did like pink. But right now with legs splattered and hands dripping with the color,Continue reading “look back: red fences and new lessons”

look back: the truth was a dead end

It was already after three, our day off campus was quickly approaching an end and yet I couldn’t make myself move. We couldn’t be late and I knew that, but how could I pull myself off the cluttered porch when I was sitting at the feet of Bessy Lynn; the most beautiful 90 year oldContinue reading “look back: the truth was a dead end”