The Weight to Vote

The last thing you need is another “I voted” picture. It looks like every other one that’s been posted: instagram smiles and filtered faces to recognize that the civic duty has been done.

What isn’t pictured however, is the immediate weight that hit my gut as I stepped in front of the specifically crafted voting machine; sitting securely behind the cardboard walls that felt all too reminiscent of elementary school projects and science fairs.

The weight was a new feeling though. Tangible, real, heavy. Maybe it was the coffee and soy milk I had all morning, maybe it was the remnants of what everyone else felt who voted before me. Maybe it was the awareness that this vote – to put it simply – carried with it a weightiness unlike I had known before.

Maybe that weight should always hit me.

Regardless, after securing my ballot and walking back through the doors and into the sunshine on a crisp fall day – the weight began to dissipate, growing more and more distant with each step.

Yes. My civic duty had been completed and I had the sticker to prove it.

But all in all, the Authority I serve never left His throne. At the end of the day, or the end of the week – my peace and future sits with the One already sitting.

I honestly can’t say that I know who Jesus would have voted for – or if the rebel Himself would have even bothered to cast a vote (and I say that with all the humility and wonder I can muster).

But what I do believe is that it was obedient hearts and unwavering faith put into action that turned nations to God. It was through individuals who chose steadiness in the midst of fires, humility when outrage would have been understandable.

It was small decisions to love the Lord first and foremost – come what may.

So however you may have voted today, I pray that it was done with conviction; whatever yours may be.

I pray that we may be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry – come what may.

I pray that when the stickers have faded and been tossed away, the civic duty continues to be shown in our communities. That compassion and action would join hands and flood our streets with hope and justice and equality and abundant life; for every person I might call my neighbor.

I pray that what may come – will be met with the peace that was already left for us.

There will be work ahead. Regardless. So today may you breathe deep the faithfulness and security and provision of a King who will never be overthrown or outvoted.


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