The Violence of White Silence

The violence of white silence  Those words haunt me almost as much as the images and videos of innocent people being shot, beaten, arrested, and stripped of all humanity.  It haunts me because it makes me uncomfortable.  And it should.  Because my inherited skin color has allowed me to remain comfortable for 30 years. TheContinue reading “The Violence of White Silence”


I wrote these words hoping to post them with the above picture. I let perfectionism, pride, and fear stop me. Instead, I quickly wrote a short caption that pushed the depths of my feelings and thoughts to the side.

I can’t change that post. I can however, share those original words here; in a space with no word limit.

still I will trust You

Goodbyes become normal in our community; we have a metaphorical revolving door at the front of our office that is continually set on a spin cycle. It’s difficult and beautiful and an incredible opportunity to learn how to dive deep, love deeper, and send people off with joy, celebration, and rejoicing. But it’s also a timeContinue reading “still I will trust You”