hope held tight

It has been approximately two months now since my final day in the office. Except my final day actually consisted of catching a flight from Argentina back to Atlanta, to catch another flight back to Texas where I could spend the holidays with my family.

My 11 months as a squad logistics assistant, 11 months as a regional director, and 11 months as a squad mentor (all happening over 23 months) had finally ended.

I no longer work for Adventures in Missions.

And as my squad left final debrief to travel back home, to enter into the reality of re-entry and all the things that envelop a season of transition; I found myself walking alongside of them – not knowing what the future held for me either.

Except this season of transition felt different. I felt different. There wasn’t the fear, and the heaviness, and the gripping, paralyzing, brokenness that I’ve felt in years past. Mainly, because I found myself holding tight to a promise that I found on the floor of a hotel conference room; a place I had found myself in many times before. And I was choosing to trust in the hope it offered.

Because in the midst of having to make the most difficult decision of my life thus far, amongst the highs and lows of every emotion, and between the reality of unknown paths – the Lord reminded me.

“I don’t just open doors; I split seas.”


He never hesitated at roadblocks, speed bumps, or the reality of no road at all. He knew where His people were going, He knew His purpose for them; even when they didn’t have the eyes to see it for themselves.

And He always made a way.

Time after time. He made a way.

to be continued…


5 responses to “hope held tight”

  1. Touched ~Vanessa! Even at 58.10 yrs old I feel transitions and the great thing is it’s called “movement” — not stagnant…permanent…therefore, I love transitions! Praying for you as you travel the seas!
    Karin (one of your hundreds of sojourners)

  2. hope looks unbelievably like Jesus on you. thanks for your holy words and oh how deeply I wish I’d had them a year ago. I can’t wait to see the seas he splits to make the most remarkable way for you, my dear. deepest love.

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