the wind and trees and all it means

Take a look outside for minute. Find a window and stand before it. Pull up a chair and sit. Take in the moment. Find a spot where the wind moves. Find a tree and let it take you in.

I was sitting in my new home, in front of the north wall of windows; looking out at the backyard, the bare trees scattered amongst the pine trees still green with color, the slight references of home bringing me comfort.

This is what I heard.

You see me in the wind, the Spirit moving all around. Yet you notice how I don’t touch every leaf, every tree and the same is true in you. You may see me moving throughout others, affecting them and touching them differently while You stand still, simply waiting. But I am the wind. I am the atmosphere you stand in and I never cease to be there. I move for a purpose and for a reason, in ways you cannot fathom or explain. But you must still stand, trusting my Presence. You must stand in faith. Sometimes you won’t see it at first, the gentle touch or sound of my voice, you may not recognize or acknowledge it, too distracted and aware of the way I’m moving in others, but I am there and I am constant. I am the atmosphere and I’m moving in you.  

It’s always a season of change. Sometimes you may feel bare, and my touch can feel cold or foreign to your barren flesh, but with each passing day, that season comes to an end and you grow fruit and color and dance with joy amongst my touch. And along the way, I’ve never left. My touch may change, it may come from a new direction, it may feel different; as hot or cold with love or discipline, but it’s to move you forward in the next season. Onward. Closer to me. Out of a season of dryness, of death, of desolation, to shake and remove the old and give you something new. The seasons never stop coming because it’s a constant journey of growth. A constant movement forward. You started off so young, so small and helpless, a tiny seed planted in the unknown and now here you are, standing tall, growing more as I move around you, never leaving, always present, always faithful.

I AM the wind. I AM the atmosphere and YOUR presence does change it. You are the tree that gives life and breath to those around you. I use you and without you there, it’s harder to breathe. You are placed there, you are placed here, for a reason, for a purpose. Stand tall and be. Know who I am and know who I’ve called you. You are mine and I am here. 


3 responses to “the wind and trees and all it means”

  1. To me, beyond impressive. Your prose is beauitiful. I’m betting your writings (this one is as poetic as it is pure prose) can be published.. Keep them coming. PaPaw (Mark)

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