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Thursday 2020

We had flights booked out in advance. Two round trip tickets that would drop us off in the land of back porch pasture views and reluctantly bring us home to ATL traffic and the day to day sound of early morning alarms. They were booked. Ready. Waiting. All we had to do was don ourContinue reading “Thursday 2020”

The Weight to Vote

The last thing you need is another “I voted” picture. It looks like every other one that’s been posted: instagram smiles and filtered faces to recognize that the civic duty has been done. What isn’t pictured however, is the immediate weight that hit my gut as I stepped in front of the specifically crafted votingContinue reading “The Weight to Vote”

The Violence of White Silence

The violence of white silence  Those words haunt me almost as much as the images and videos of innocent people being shot, beaten, arrested, and stripped of all humanity.  It haunts me because it makes me uncomfortable.  And it should.  Because my inherited skin color has allowed me to remain comfortable for 30 years. TheContinue reading “The Violence of White Silence”