look back: the decision

It was summer and graduation had long been over. My 17 years of school had come to a close. The seemingly never-ending chapter of my life did in fact end and I wasn’t quite sure when I had blinked. I felt more lost now than I ever had before.

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look back: I heard the angels sing

You can hear the voices.

The pure sounds of joy and love crying out to God without the need for words amongst the whispers and prayers declaring truth throughout the crowd. The sweat that drips down your back is brought on by the heat and energy of the 500 people surrounding you and is only matched in intensity by the tears that stream down your cheeks. The smeared mascara across your face is your mark of freedom.Continue reading “look back: I heard the angels sing”

caught in the fog

Walking through the streets of London, my mind became automatically filled with one-liners from any song about London or fog or rain that I had ever heard of in my life. They all ran together as if I had just mastered a new piece of music, repeating itself over and over in my head. A tune that seems lost now that I sit in my comfy bed with the sun shining in through the windows and the Texas heat to accompany it.Continue reading “caught in the fog”


You write believing that the ears those words fall on; will be changed. You write to inspire. You write because it’s a part of the incredible way you were made. Don’t ever doubt that. You capture moments and feelings and observations in a way that only you can. I want you to believe that…Writing takes heart; it requires it. It requires an eye that seeks the beauty in every moment, an ear that hears a song in the silence and a hope that believes in something more, that sees something being born amongst death and dying. Without it, my soul aches.Continue reading “writing”