Hey, I’m Vanessa

I’m a Texas born and bred kid who traveled the world for a bit and then relocated to Georgia. I had my eyes set on going back home, but some boy distracted me and here I remain several years later with red clay on my boots instead.

Not that I really ever wear boots anymore.

I’m a fairly new wife and have been one of those dog moms for almost the same amount of time. I wouldn’t call myself a blogger, because as the name of this site might convey – I’m honestly just winging it. Most of the time when words beg to come out of my head and find life on paper – I never know what they’re going to say.

I choose to write because my thoughts beg to get out from behind the stubborn walls of my brain. They long to run wild and free in black and white color. I choose to write in hope that one day the thoughts in my head will become the words on my lips and the actions of my hands. I write knowing that every bit of it is who I am, every word and structure of every sentence comes from my God-given heart and brain, comes from a place I so rarely like to share with people.

me – years ago – but the sentiment remains

I’ve always found vulnerability to come naturally; sharing one-on-one conversations over coffee, or wine and cookies – is like breathing. However, sharing art or design or writings that I’ve tucked away is a new kind of vulnerability. It’s like when Chandler found Monica’s messy closet. It’s that side of you that no one knows or you fear people won’t understand because you think you’ve always been perceived as something else.

So here I am, trying to write things down more often in hopes that I can process my way through this messy and beautiful life.

I’m a social introvert who loves meeting new people as long as there is a place to hide away at the end of the day. I’m either a four or a three or maybe even a one with a hint of an eight – but it’s really hard to say. I love my family and travel gives me life as long as I have a friend to join me. Speaking of – I can genuinely say that I have the most beautiful friends – ones that have shaped me into the woman I am today.

If there’s anything else you might want to know, send me an email and let’s chat!

Until then, cheers to figuring out this life.


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