About Me

I am a woman who believes that this life is meant to hold adventure in every waking moment but too often we find ourselves closing our eyes to the light and our bodies moving along to the hum-drum of memorized motions. I’m a lover of cowboy boots paired with dresses while white vnecks will always be in style. I’m a three chocolate chip cookies a night, hammock loving child who believes that when the trees dance and sway in the wind, the presence of my Father in Heaven has made itself known.

I am a woman who believes in the Kingdom of Heaven existing here on Earth and I have an ever-increasing passion and love for seeing the body of Christ unified in every aspect. I believe passions and dreams, gifts and talents all are used for His glory and aren’t just happenstance. That moments of joy don’t have to be just a hobby.

I choose to write because my thoughts beg to get out from behind the stubborn walls of my brain. They long to run wild and free in black and white color. I choose to write in hope that one day the thoughts in my head will become the words on my lips and the actions of my hands. I write knowing that every bit of it is who I am, every word and structure of every sentence comes from my God-given heart and brain, comes from a place I so rarely like to share with people.

But I’m learning to share. I’m learning to love. I’m learning to live.

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