the look back series

He called us back home.

So home we came. My bag may have been heavier when it finally reached the Los Angeles airport, maybe it was lighter and I just couldn’t tell; all I knew is that I had way too many emotions tucked away somewhere; weighing me down with each step I took and with each hug I received.

It was over. My 11 months in 11 different countries, amazing race world mission had now come to an end. I couldn’t tell you who won, maybe we all did, but I felt like I had lost everything I knew. A year ago I stepped into the most life-changing experience of my 22 years of life. One year later I walked back into Texas, back into the room I grew up in and woke up in the same bed believing that it was all a dream. A very unforgettable and seemingly distant dream.

How do you process something like that?

I have no idea. But I do know that I must write something and hence; the Look Back series has been born. Over the next few months, years or endless decades, I will be processing my trip by writing about whatever comes to mind for each month. By the grace of God I will look back and remember what He tried to teach me, what I refused to learn and what He eventually pounded into my head and wrote on my heart. I will share the hard moments and the lighter ones, the stories and the pictures and a few of the blogs that were written along the way and in the moment.

Here’s to processing one word and many late nights at a time.

The World Race

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